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Whatever your personal health and fitness goals are, whether it be weight loss, toning or building muscle etc, if you are going to achieve them, then your nutrition will play a key part of this.

Therefore, as part of my training I offer as part of the service, nutritional advice tailored to your goals and what your personal calorie needs are.

As part of the initial consultation you will be sent a food diary for you to complete for a week, with this acting as a starting point for me to be able to evaluate where we can start to improve your current eating habits.

I don't believe in fad diets and instead aim to give nutritional advice which helps you to achieve your goals, whilst still allowing you to enjoy your food and have a treat along the way.

Call: 07957 423 723 Email: lucy@tm-fitness.co.uk
It is important to note before embarking on any new fitness programme should you have any problems, concerns or underlying issues regarding your health or are pregnant, or
postpartum, you should always seek medical clearance from your GP/Qualified Health Care Professional to check you are safe to begin to become much more physically active.
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