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Chris Johnstone (Google)

5 Stars

Lucy is absolutely amazing and has probably changed my life. As a 50 something menopausal woman my body shape has changed totally and I was feeling really horrible about myself. To the point I would never go to a gym and work out in front of others. I had also never embarked on any kind of physical fitness plan or training. Lucy is so understanding and compassionate - and knowledgeable about women.s bodies and health and approaches my plan in a way I just don’t think a man could. I feel safe and my confidence has built over the last year. She is very sensitive and intuitive and is therefore able to amend my programme each week to ensure I can manage my workouts no matter what is going on in my life which means I stay motivated. She is exceptionally skilled and I would recommend her to anyone. Lucy is one of my favourite people in the world now.

Chloe D (Google)

5 Stars

I would recommend Lucy to anyone looking for varied sessions, welcoming and an easy going PT! Lucy provides lots of different sessions that are always varied in what you do and she pushes me to the best I can be! It's clear Lucy enjoys what she does and is very good at it too! I always feel like I have achieved something after each session and I actually enjoying doing them! Great for if you have a child and find it hard to get back into fitness/are lost in where to start!

Carrie R-20 (Yell)

5 Stars

I've been with Lucy a year now, it's the first time I've kept up my fitness longer than a month, an impressive feat in itself that I put down to Lucy's fantastic service.

Lucy keeps you motivated with varied and challenging sessions that are tailored to you. I have arthritis in both knees and through my sessions and Lucy's tailored programme I have managed to improve my strength and mobility, as well as my enjoyment in exercise.

I couldn't recommend Lucy enough, she's a fantastic trainer as well as an amazing, supportive person.

Mobola O (Google)

5 Stars

Lucy is anyone's dream of a Personal Trainer. To be candid, Lucy's only interest is getting her Clients into shape, and she will not be deterred. Lucy is extremely personable, and has become a friend in her own right but that has never made her steer away from her objective. Help you lose weight, and become fit. I always have the pleasure of recommending her.

Lucy H (Google)

5 Stars

Lucy is a fantastic personal trainer; she is friendly, patient and encouraging. Lucy has really helped to build my confidence with exercise - I never thought I would enjoy working out - but I really look forward to our sessions!

Susan L (Facebook)

Ive been working with Lucy since the start of 2019 and she is fantastic! Her plans are varied and challenging and Lucy pushes me all the way. Working out on my own would not only be much more boring but without her support I would not put in half the effort! We have done personal and online training and both types of training have introduced me to different exercises and equipment. I'd recommend Lucy to anyone looking for a trainer who will encourage and support them while still pushing them to achieve their goals.

Sarah G (Google)

5 Stars

Lucy is lovely and clearly puts a lot of effort into producing varied training sessions each week, which push me more than I would myself. I look forward to Lucy coming each week for a chat and to help burn off some work related stress.

Katy E (Facebook)

5 Stars

Lucy is amazing , she has made me feel like me again. Her coming to my house allows me to manage mummy life, work life AND exercise and I’ve even managed to get back in to pre baby jeans!! Would highly recommend her!!

Kathryn J (Google)

5 Stars

Lucy creates interesting workouts that fit into my lifestyle and current fitness level. She is punctual , professional and a wonderful trainer . Thank you Lucy !

Jane M (Google)

5 Stars

Fiona R (Google)

5 Stars

Lucy produces training programmes tailored to the abilities and goals of the individual. I've used Lucy as my Personal Trainer for several years now, to help me in my goals for weight loss and to become a better runner. She always devises fun and varied training plans for me, that can be adapted for my running injuries without having to give up on my fitness. Using Lucy is like having a friend come to my house each week who makes me work harder than I would myself, realise my goals quicker and burn off that work related stress.

Jane W (Facebook)

5 Stars

I started working out with Lucy about 18 months ago and I love it, love it, love it. I train twice a week and very rarely miss a session. She makes every session different and that keeps me very motivated. She always offers encouragement and support to get the best performance out of me. Our sessions include a good mix of strength and aerobic workouts and she has a great range of equipment to help with that. I have benefited so much by training with Lucy. I’ve become fitter, stronger and much more toned. I’d encourage anyone to sign-up Lucy to help them with their health and fitness goals.

JessS-32 (Yell)

Great Personal Trainer
5 Stars

I would highly recommend Lucy as a personal trainer.she really focuses on why you want to achieve and tailors your plan around that. She uses different equipment each session which keeps it interesting and motivates you to try new things. She's a really great girl and hugely knowledgable and talented personal trainer!!

JaneM-166 (Yell)

100% recommend
5 Stars

I have used TaylorMade fitness for some time now. Lucy is really good at listening to your needs and getting the right mix of exercise you need. I always feel great after my sessions. Lucy is flexible on timings which helps people with busy lives. I 100% recommend TaylorMade. Jane Murray

Candice R (Facebook)

5 Stars

I would highly recommend Lucy to anyone, especially people who think they won't be able to do it! She is very knowledgeable and designs her sessions to suit you and is very patient when you have 2 left feet and a slippery floor!

Call: 07957 423 723 Email: lucy@tm-fitness.co.uk
It is important to note before embarking on any new fitness programme should you have any problems, concerns or underlying issues regarding your health or are pregnant, or
postpartum, you should always seek medical clearance from your GP/Qualified Health Care Professional to check you are safe to begin to become much more physically active.
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